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Event:  2024 National Corvette Caravan NCM Registration available NOW
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Location:  Corvette Museum, Bowling Green Kentucky
Dates:  Sun, Aug 25 - Thu, Sep 5
CCU Event:  Yes
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Contact(s):  Karl Tobler
Phone: ‭(801) 703-0293‬

Larry VanWagoner
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Description:  The National Corvette Museum has announced the 2024 National Corvette Caravan will be held on Aug 29th thru Aug 31st. Corvette Club of Utah will be part of the Northern Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska Caravan. Our Caravan Captain is Kevin McBride from Wyoming. The Caravan Captain will plan the route and stops for the caravan from Salt Lake City to Bowling Green, Kentucky. CCU may or may not travel with the caravan. It has done both in the past. CCU will designate a Caravan Co-Captain who will coordinate CCUs participation with the Caravan Captain.

To watch a YouTube Video about the Caravan Click: HERE

You must register for the Caravan through the museum to receive your caravan credentials and the club website. Registration with the Corvette Museum. Registration with the National Corvette Museum for the2024 Caravan. You can register at the NCM website by clicking HERE During your registration process there is a drop-down box to the right to pick which caravan you are going to be with. The museum has had a problem putting High Plains Caravan in the drop-down list. They told me to have my participants use the Mountain States option. This will automatically send your credentials to me so you will have them before you arrive at the museum. I know its odd, but they cannot seem to straighten it out for us. The NCM provides the Caravan Captain with roster of their Caravan Participants so they can communicate with the participants. You need to sign-up with CCU so the CCU Co-Captain can account for you and take care of you. Signup with CCU is available now. If you are interested, please use the sign-up button above so we have an idea how many participants we will have. Once that is completed you need to make your hotel reservations.

These are the Hotels where Kevin McBride has set up blocks of rooms, you will need to let them know its under the High Plains Corvette Caravan.

You make your own reservations for at these hotels or anywhere else its up to you.
Sunday Aug 25th 2024 Cheyenne Wy.
Fairfield Inn: $189.00
1820 Lincolnway, Cheyenne WY.

Monday Aug. 26th 2024 Lincoln Ne.
Hampton Inn: $130.00
5922 Vandervoot rd. Lincoln Ne.

Tuesday Aug 27th 2024 Colombia Mo.

Hampton Inn: $123.15
3410 Clark Ln. Colombia Mo.

Kevin McBride says:
I have not booked book any rooms in Bowling Green because the prices were outrageous to me. If you wish to stay in Bowling Green, you can look on your own or the other caravans might have a room or two available closer to the event. I will keep all of you informed as they appear.

Meanwhile during the 2019 caravan several of us stayed out of town at a state resort in Chrystal, Ky which was a good choice for us. Several of us plan on returning there I was unable to make a block for this location but here is the information.

Wednesday thru Sunday Aug 28th 31st Dale Hollow Resort Chrystal Ky.
Prices vary; $134.94 Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and $188.00 for Saturday.

Please contact me via email or phone 307-277-0374 for any clarifications. The High Plains 2024 caravan route Northern Utah, Wyoming & Nebraska

This will be our 3rd time leading a group of corvettes out of Wyoming to Bowling Green. Lynn was the captain in 2014 and Kevin was the captain in 2019. Over the years we have learned how to make this trip more enjoyable. This caravan includes northern Utah, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

August 25th I will be guiding my group from Salt Lake Utah to Cheyenne Wyoming which will be 588 miles. 8 hours 45 min. This route will be US 80 all the way. There is non-ethanol fuel in several places along the route. Looking to stop for lunch in Rock Spring WY. At the same time my Co-Captain, Larry Storo Jr will guide a group from Sheridan to Cheyenne which is 324 miles along I 25 about 5 hours 30 min.

August 26th Cheyenne to Lincoln Nebraska. We will be joining up with the Pacific Northwest group in Cheyenne. Once again US 80 will be the route 447 miles. Tyrrell Chevrolet in Cheyenne will provide Breakfast before leaving Cheyenne in the morning. A stop for lunch is scheduled in North Platte. The city of North Platte NE. and several business owners are going to put together a lunch venue for us.

August 27th Lincoln to Colombia Missouri 320 miles. Early Morning stop at The Museum of American Speed. Avoiding Kansas City, Hwy 77 to Hwy 2, East to I 29 South to St. Joseph. East on Hwy 36 to Macon and South on Hwy 63 to Colombia.

August 28th Colombia to Bowling Green. 400 miles. The final leg. There will be a lot of corvettes along this section. Please watch out for the other guys and be careful.

WE can return to Salt Lake as a group (route and details have yet to be determined). Or you can return on your own.

Kevin McBride
High Plains 2024 Caravan Captain
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