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Vintage, Custom and Street Rod Utah License Plate Information

Utah changed their Vintage Vehicle registration (Horseless carriage) laws.  As of July 1st, 2011 there are five classifications of vehicles.  They are Custom, Vintage 30, Vintage 40, Street Rod, and Replica.  Of these only Vintage 30 and Vintage 40 affect corvettes.

Vintage 30: A vehicle that is 30 to 39 years old (never a replica)
Vintage 40: A vehicle that is 40+ years old (never a replica)

Vintage 30 and Vintage 40 vehicles:

1. The first year you register your vehicle you must provide a signed statement that the vehicle has been inspected and is safe (a safety inspection or a statement of safety).
2. The vehicle is exempt from I/M tests.
3. Vintage 30: Registration fees are $45, and $10 property tax (due each year).
4. Vintage 40: Registration fees are $40 (due only the first year), and $10 property tax (due each year).

Basically, you should only drive the car for shows, club events, road tests, to and from the shop for repair, etc.

The Utah Division of Motor Vehicles web page does not reflect these changes yet, so when in doubt; call the Division of Motor Vehicles.

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