Corvette Club of Utah

The President is the chief executive of the Club. The President is responsible for all meetings defined in ARTICLE IV.

The President opens the Club Meeting on time by calling the members to order.

The President recognizes members entitled to speak at the Club Meeting.

The President protects the Club Meeting from annoyance from evidently frivolous or dilatory motions by refusing to recognize them.

The President assists in the expediting of Club business in every way compatible with the rights of the members, as by allowing brief remarks when undebatable motions are pending, if the President thinks it is advisable.

The President restrains the members when engaged in debate, within the rules of order.

The President enforces on all occasions the observance of order and decorum among the members, deciding all questions of order (subject to an appeal to the assembly by any two members) unless when in doubt he prefers to submit the question for the decision of the members.

The President informs the members, when necessary, or when referred to for the purpose, on a point of order or practice pertinent to pending business.

The President coordinates with and approves the Club's Events Calendar maintained by the Special Events Chair.

The President may call special meetings of members and Officers under the provisions of ARTICLE IV Section 5.

The President may form Special Committees for a particular purpose, such as a special event or bylaws change, as needed. Club Officers will select the most qualified candidate for the Committee Chair and members of the Committee at the Officers Meeting and inform the members of the selection at the next scheduled Regular Meeting.

The President maintains a detailed transition guide for the next President..
In the absence of the President, or in the case of his resignation or inability to act, the duties of the President will be performed by the Vice President

The Vice President will assist the President as requested by the President in the administration of the Club.

The Vice President attends and votes at Officer Meetings.

The Vice President maintains a detailed transition guide for the next Vice President.
The Secretary attends all Club Meetings of members and Officers. The Secretary keeps a record, called minutes, of all Club Meetings. A copy of the minutes is sent to members for information purposes. Corrections are verified at the next Club Meeting.

The Secretary keeps on file all chair, committee, and financial reports.

The Secretary keeps the ClubŐs official attendance roll and calls the roll, where it is required. The Secretary will have custody of Club records of members' attendance and records the number of points earned by members for the Member of the Year Competition.

The Secretary makes minutes and records available to members upon request.

The Secretary notifies Officers, Chairs, Functional Managers, and Committee Members of their election or appointment, furnishes committees with whatever documents are required for the performance of their duties, and has on hand at each meeting a list of all existing committees and their members.

The Secretary maintains record book(s) in which bylaws, special rules of order, standing rules, and minutes are entered, and has the current record book(s) on hand at every meeting. These books are transitioned to the new secretary at the end of office.

The Secretary sends to the membership a notice of each meeting as outlined in ARTICLE I SECTION 3, known as the call of the meeting, and facilitates the general correspondence of the Club.

Before each meeting, the Secretary prepares an agenda for the presiding Officer. The agenda shows all matters known in advance that are due to be discussed at the meeting in order and under the appropriate headings.

The Secretary, in the absence of the President and Vice-President, calls the meeting to order and presides. In the absence of the Secretary from any meeting, the presiding Officer will choose someone to act as Secretary for the purpose keeping meeting minutes.

The Secretary sends Birthday, Get Well, and Sympathy greetings to the members as needed.

The Secretary attends and votes at Officer Meetings.

The Secretary retains a copy of reports from quarterly meetings as part of the meeting minutes, as outlined in ARTICLE IV Section 4.

The Secretary maintains a detailed transition guide for the next Secretary.
Subject to restrictions in the Articles of Incorporation, ARTICLE II FINANCE, and subject to other such conditions and restrictions as may be made by the Officers, the Treasurer maintains custody of all Club funds, debts, and obligations belonging to the Club. The Treasurer and Membership Chair are authorized to accept Club dues, or any other funds received from members. Receipts will be issued to any person applying for membership and paying dues to the Treasurer.

The Treasurer uses Quicken QuickBooks software to track Club finances and membership records.

The Treasurer will keep up-to-date membership records from membership applications.

The Treasurer will create a yearly budget as outlined in ARTICLE II Section 2.

The Treasurer updates the Club banking account signature card(s) at the start of each term of office.

The Treasurer will receive all monies of the Club, including those received by the Membership Chair, and deposits them into the Club bank account. The Treasurer will make all payments of Club financial obligations as outlined in ARTICLE II Section 3 and will give a report of the financial status of the Club as outlined in ARTICLE II Section 5.

No obligation, debt or other liability will be incurred by the Treasurer without the specific approval of a majority of the Officers and in accordance with the approved budget as outlined in ARTICLE II Section 4.

The Treasurer will be the ClubŐs Registered Agent. The TreasurerŐs home address will be the ClubŐs Registered Office and Principal Place of Business. The Treasurer renews the incorporation of the Corvette Club of Utah with the State of Utah each year.

The Treasurer will file any required Federal and State tax forms for the Corvette Club of Utah with the appropriate governmental agencies each year.

The Treasurer will pick up mail addressed to the Club from the ClubŐs post office box at least weekly and will distribute it to the appropriate Officers.

In the absence of the Treasurer from any activity, the President will appoint another Officer to act as Treasurer for that activity. Any funds collected will be turned over to the Treasurer at the first opportunity but no later than a week following the activity.

The Treasurer attends and votes at Officer Meetings.

The Treasurer provides the Club financial records, checkbook, debit cards, and Club copy of Quick Books to the new Treasurer. The Treasurer maintains a detailed transition guide for the next Treasurer.
Another Officer may assume any other OfficerŐs duties, if necessary..
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